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    Watch Ray enjoying his new freedom and having fun with his family in his new room.  To help fund this project, the Fantel family worked with HomeFreeHome, volunteer architect Dave Buckman, got generous support from many friends and the community. The Fantel family hopes that with support from people like you, they will be able to complete the renovations that will help Ray thrive.

    You can help improve Ray’s quality of life by:

    1. Donating through HomeFreeHome through Network for Good

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    2. Sharing this video on Facebook, Twitter, any other social media, and email. The more people who view it and see how special Ray is, the better.

    More About the Freedom For Ray Project

    Home for Sydni Project Complete!

    More about the Home for Sydni Project

    How Our Designs Change Lives

    HomeFreeHome is a group of volunteer architects who design barrier-free home renovations.  Our projects allow people to live with greater safety, dignity and freedom.

    HomeFreeHome was created to respond to the  growing need for accessible, safe home design for ALL.  Over 90% of homes in the United States have many barriers and are dangerous.  In fact, every year millions are injured from falls in their own bathrooms.  Universal Design enhances the quality of life, regardless of age, or ability.

    LOCAL ARCHITECTS  - We connect people living with mobility limitations to local volunteer architects to create designs for small scale construction projects such as: ramps, accessible bathrooms and kitchens.  Take a look at our wonderful projects.

    UNIVERSAL DESIGN EDUCATION - Our workshops go beyond basic ADA standards and focus on applying the principals of Universal Design in private homes.  The presentation includes examples of projects such as; no-step entries, accessible kitchens and safe bathrooms,  as well as adding to home’s value.

    Would like a to schedule a free workshop for your School, Library or Senior Center? Contact Laura Montllor, AIA at Architect@HomeFreeHome.org

    Unfortunately due to limited funding, we are no longer accepting new applications.


    HomeFreeHome is a growing organization where donations and volunteers of all types and skills are needed. Take a look at who is involved in your state.

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