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  • Newark Church

    Dr. Gloria White , Pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Church says the older members of her congregation are“sometimes weak of body, but always strong of spirit”.  Their beautiful stone church has stairs at the front portico and three or more steps at all the entrances. To get to Sunday worship, the food pantry and other vital services the elder members of the congregation all need to be helped or even carried up the steps.

    Many of them who could not climb the stairs were excluded from services. The old stone block of the outside steps create a very dangerous situation and even more treacherous when there is rain or snow.

    Built in 1886, the classic Gothic Revival church in Newark, New Jersey, does not meet current ADA standards and building codes.










    Architects Les Tribble and Dave Buckman of Buckman Architectural Group have designed a new ramp that will allow people who use wheelchairs, scooters and walkers to enter the church. In April they completed the plans and applied for a building permit.