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  • Home For David

    David Rodriguez of Lindenhurst is 22 years old and is a courageous contender. Although he suffers from loss of mobility and feeling in his extremities, he works hard at physical therapy three times a week and is heroically determined. As a result of an accident two years ago, he needs assistance getting up out of bed and with many daily tasks. David lives with his family of 6, but he is often excluded from family activities, like eating dinner with the others, because his power chair cannot get through the narrow doorways of their small house.

    Volunteer Architect Michael Morbillo has designed an addition that will include an accessible ramp into the house, an overhead lift and a bedroom with space enough for his vital exercise routine.  With the help of these life changing home modifications, David will be able to live with greater freedom and participate more fully in family life.  He and his girlfriend are looking forward to some privacy and more independence.

    Please help us build this new home for David. Your donation, of any size, is important and much needed. Since HomeFreeHome is an all-volunteer organization, your donation to will go directly to help David and his family.