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  • Chattanooga Pilot Project

    Our pilot project in Tennesee is for Jerry, a 35-year-old man in Chattanooga. Last November, a stray bullet hit him and left him with permanent paralysis from the neck down. He depends on  his mother to take care of him, and has a tube for feeding and is only able to be mobile through the use of a motorized chair that is operated by a control device worn on his head.  

    Architect, Edmund Garbee volunteered and designed  modifications to the single story ranch style  house. The end of the house  is where Jerry lives and will be brought back for care after his release from the nursing home.  Demolition will need to remove the door into the bedroom, the wall separating the closet from the laundry, the small closet in the laundry, part of the wall and the window that looks out onto the exterior deck adjacent to the laundry.

    The modifications to the house (see New Floor Plan) will include a new door leading from the kitchen into the hall created as a direct link between the bedroom and the bath.  The existing closet will acquire the existing laundry for much needed storage space.  To the exterior of the house will be added a new laundry and bathroom.  The connection from the bedroom to the bath is a straight line where a Hoyer Sling system is installed in the ceiling.  This sling allows Ms. Martin to transfer Jerry to the bathroom for care without multiple transfers from bed to chair and back.  The bathroom is laid out with shower, toilet and sink around perimeter so Ms. Martin has as much maneuvering room as possible for washing and other caretaker tasks.

    The shower can provide privacy with a curtain suspended from the ceiling.  The toilet will have grab bars for future use should Jerry regain some upper body mobility.  On the exterior a gable roof will be used to cover the new bath addition but also extend to cover the existing Sun Room and porch deck thus matching the style and slope of the existing main house roof.  The front entry of the house will become the main path of egress and be fitted with a new ramp providing ease of access.