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  • New Jersey

    David Buckman, A.I.A., LEED AP

    Architect David Buckman is the owner of the Buckman Architectural Group in Kenilworth, New Jersey. He believes that the design of a space can be powerful and can influence how we act, work, think, feel, and heal, and how we worship, relate, and live. David actively participates in each project, usually from the start of site selection or design, and remains involved through conceptual design and beginning of construction documents.  David is a registered architect and  certified interior designer  and a member of the American Institute of Architects.  Actively interested in promoting environmental awareness, , he is a member of Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life and GreenBuild365.  David went to Pratt Institute ?and has a Bachelor of Architecture degree in Design Engineering.  He also received certificate in Architectural Design from Københavns Universitet, in Demark.  He says “People who care about what they do and how they affect others are better able to create environments that foster caring and healing” Please see http://www.buckmanarchitecturalgroup.com

    Help Build a New Home for Ray

    Now 4 years old, Ray has a beautiful smile, can taste some foods by mouth, he speaks softly and can hold up his head. He tells us what he wants to do. He wants to stand, jump, and sit.  However, SMA is a degenerative, neuromuscular disease. As a result, Ray cannot sit up without assistance; he has never crawled or walked. He has a feeding tube to help him get the nutrition he needs. Soon Ray will be getting a power wheelchair, unfortunately there is not enough room in the house for him to maneuver. His mother says, “Our biggest problem right now is where Ray sleeps and bathes.  We love the fact that he is upstairs with us, but carrying Ray up and down stairs has become more and more dangerous – he weighs 40 pounds. Many of his nurses do not feel comfortable or secure with this situation. This is becoming more hazardous and a safety issue as Ray grows.” Volunteer Architect David Buckman has designed an addition that will include a new bedroom, a safe accessible bathroom and a playroom with space enough for vital exercise routine.  With the help of these life changing home modifications, Ray will be have the freedom to drive his powerchair and participate more fully in family life. Please help us build this new home for Ray. Your donation, of any size, is important and much needed. Since HomeFreeHome is an all-volunteer organization, your donation to will go directly to help Ray and his family.



    Dr. Gloria White , Pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Church says the older members of her congregation are “sometimes weak of body, but always strong of spirit”.  Their beautiful stone church has stairs at the front portico and three or more steps at all the entrances. To get to Sunday worship, the food pantry and other vital services the elder members of the congregation all need to be helped or even carried up the steps. Many of them who could not climb the stairs were excluded from services. The outside steps are a very dangerous situation and even more treacherous when there is rain or snow. Built in 1886 the classic Gothic Revival church in Newark, New Jersey, does not meet current ADA standards and building codes. Architects Les Tribble and Dave Buckman have designed a new ramp that will allow people who use wheelchairs, scooters and walkers to enter the church. In April they completed the plans and applied for a building permit.

    Bob ReinemannBob Reinemann

    Bob earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture at Carnegie-Mellon University.  He subsequently earned MBA and MPH degrees at Columbia University.  During his college years, he donated about 1,000 hours in hospital volunteer work.  Professionally, for the past 30 years he has worked as an administrator and budget director for major academic NYC medical centers, and in 2008, returning to his alma mater, accepted a position as Budget Director for the School of Nursing at Columbia University. Outside of work, he has been a little league coach, an usher at his church, and is in his 19thyear of continuing service as an elected trustee on the board of education in his community.  He has been married for 29 years, and has a daughter who is a registered nurse in cardiothoracic acute care, and a son who is working as a biology researcher while earning his MPH.  His wife is a clinical nutritionist.

    From his backgrounds in health care and home care, architecture, and community service, Bob is acutely aware of the great challenges that household barriers pose to the handicapped and their families. He thinks “The work of HFH provides a tremendous resource to bring expertise and construction to families in need and I am proud to support this noble cause”

    Donald Chin, Architect & LEED AP

    I founded my own practice, Donald Chin Architect LLC, in 2008 in order to put into practice certain beliefs that I developed after having practiced as an architect for twenty years on many different types of projects, including K-8 schools, apartment towers, retail projects, custom residences, and museum exhibits.  I believe that bigger is not always better and that too much of our built environment is constructed based on what will sell for the most profit, rather than being designed for how people will really use the space, whether it be for living, work or play.

    A licensed architect since 1994, I am registered in New Jersey and New York.  I am an active member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and I currently serve as Chairperson of AIA Newark and Suburban’s annual Design Awards, which serves to honor outstanding architectural design work and to promote the profession of architecture to the general public. I am also a LEED accredited professional.

    I am excited to be to be able to use my architectural experience with Home Free Home to help those in need.  I look forward to the satisfaction that comes with meeting and helping others and also from what I can learn from working with the clients and the challenges of their particular design problems.  I also enjoy the feeling of community that comes with working with other volunteers on the common goal of improving the lives of people in need of help.

    Become a member today and help improve your neighbor’s lives. For more information, please download our volunteer application.