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  • Phone Interview

    Types of Questions


    Do you own your own home?

    Is your name on the deed? Is there anyone else’s name on the deed?

    How old is the house?

    How long have you been living there?



    Are you employed?

    If yes, what is your monthly income?

    Is there anyone else who lives in the house that works?

    Are you receiving Social Security benefits, SSI, or any other social service assistance?

    What is your total monthly income?

    Is your mortgage fully paid up?

    If you still have a mortgage on the home, what is your monthly payment?

    Does that amount stated include school and town taxes?

    Are your telephone, electricity, gas, and oil bills current?

    If no, how far behind are you?

    Is your house in foreclosure?

    Are you willing to present to HFH in writing all of the financial income of everyone who lives the house?

    What government programs have you already applied for?